What Are The Different FTM Top Surgery

What is it also called?

Double Incision (Bilateral mastectomy). A bilateral mastectomy is the elimination of both breasts. Women can get a bilateral mastectomy if she has cancer in her two breasts.

Nipples are removed, resized / recreated and repositioned in a graft higher up on the chest. Minor liposuction sometimes used to contour fat at borders of surgical area / under arms. Incision is closed together at bottom of pecs line.

A lot of women identified with early cancer of the breast possess a choice between lumpectomy or mastectomy for his or her surgery. While a lumpectomy removes the tumor and a few surrounding tissue, a mastectomy removes the whole breast. Although the risk of cancer recurrence inside the breast is greater having a lumpectomy, the general likelihood of survival are identical for methods.

Keyhole (Subcutaneous mastectomy) also called “peri-areolar” interchangeably

Skin is opened up along bottom 1 / 2 of areola border. The majority of breast growth and surrounding tissue is taken away via liposuction through this small hole. Hard nips might be resized, but can’t be repositioned. Areola isn’t reduced surrounding chest skin isn’t reduced.

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