Foods that will help you Focus Better

If you feel cognitive decline isn’t something which begins to happen until once you hit 60, reconsider.

Leafy Greens – A 2006 study in Neurology demonstrated that individuals who ate several daily areas of vegetables, especially leafy greens, had the mental focus of individuals 5 years their junior. Get this amazing salad for supper; serve some sautéed spinach while dining.

Whole grain products – Research has shown that eating a breakfast of whole grain products helps sustain mental focus much better than a breakfast of refined carbohydrates or no breakfast whatsoever. Two to test: whole-grain cereal with milk or eggs with whole-wheat toast.

Coffee – Men feel more alert faster than women do after drinking a caffeinated beverage, based on research in the University of Barcelona. Within the study, men reported feeling less drowsy for only Ten minutes and sustained the mental boost for any 30 minutes. Women had a “kick” in the espresso, too, but rated it weaker compared to men did. But women, as it happens, tend to be more affected by the ‘placebo effect’ with regards to caffeine. Just anticipating the stimulating results of caffeine might be enough to feel them. Once the same researchers had participants drink decaf, women reported feeling much more alert than men, who reported only a slight boost.

Gums – It’s not technically a food, however a 2011 study learned that those who chewed gum within a demanding task were more alert afterwards than after they did the task without gum.

The important of healthy eating and your education. How starving yourself is bad for your brain and learning.

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