Children and Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana for grown ups has gained acceptance throughout the United States.  How about the children? Should our children, too, be given legal access to medical marijuana?  Historical proof indicates the effectiveness of medical marijuana in the treatment method of numerous disorders or diseases. For example, a liquid, non-psychoactive variety of marijuana was discovered to lessen seizures for kids with Dravet’s syndrome, a rare type of childhood epilepsy . Studies have suggested possible advantages of choosing marijuana in the treatments for  cancer, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, along with other conditions.

Sadly, there is restricted high-quality proof regarding the efficacy of medical marijuana. For instance, a 2012 Cochrane report on all published randomized-controlled tests relating to the treatment method with marijuana or one of marijuana’s constituents in individuals with epilepsy mentioned that no reputable conclusions could possibly be made at present concerning the efficacy of cannabinoids as a treatment method for epilepsy.

Significantly, there are without any data in regards to the safety of using marijuana or cannabinoids with kids. Even though some experts caution that the results of the medication on child growth are unidentified, others mention that the same is true for other medications utilized to battle pain and nausea that are presently provided to children with cancer, as well as for effective antipsychotic drugs that are utilized in long-term therapy for childhood mental health issues.

Recognizing that children may benefit from medicinal marijuana, individuals and groups are promoting for legalization of its use with children. Alliance of mothers, local community leaders, and concerned group – are progressing the equal treatment of medical marijuana for any type of patients and providers.


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